The Stealth Editions


Dramatic Custom Style

Eight stunning, hand-painted Triumph Stealth Editions joining the modern classic line-up for one year only.


Traditional methods, evolved for contemporary style. The Triumph Stealth Editions beautifully embody the character of these eight motorcycles and each tank is painted by hand, ensuring a unique result for an authentic custom finish.

The result of an innovative new technique developed by Triumph’s world-class paint team, the Stealth Editions mark a new standard in custom-style and finish to create something truly unique.


Speed Twin 1200 Speed Twin 900
Bobber_Purple_StealthEdition_MY24_0018_TR-The Stealth Editions
Scrambler_Orange_StealthEdition_MY24_0022_TR-The Stealth Editions
Speedtwin1200_Red_StealthEdition_MY24_0005_TR-The Stealth Editions

Hand Painted


To create this special effect, first the fuel tanks are prepared and painted with a mirror-finish silver base coat- the perfect starting point for the skilled hand-painting process



Running seamlessly from the front to the rear of the tank, a graphite vignette is carefully applied by hand, creating a dramatic dark to light fade effect



Finally the lacquer top-coat is tinted with vibrant candy colour and applied in muliple layers to gradually build a deep finish to add a rich translucent tone that’s highly reactive and intensified by light.



Triumph Stealth Editions – a collection of eight new modern classics showcasing dramatic and unique hand-crafted paint finishes, adding a contemporary twist to Triumph’s iconic design DNA… and available for one year only.

Bobber Bonneville T120