The Riders Association of Triumph


As the owner of a Triumph motorcycle you are entitled to membership of the Riders Association of Triumph, commonly known as the "Rats". Go online and check out the Triumph Website This membership is entirely free and can be activated by contacting the Pack Leader at the address given below.

“The Rats” is a club that reflects the motorcycles we ride in that it accommodates riders of all types of Triumph, their partners, families and (even) non-Triumph riding friends. We have a special section to cover these riders – “The Panzergruppe”

In the Northeast, we have existed as a very active Rat Pack since 2004 and there are about 200 members on our mailing list.  We offer members the opportunity to widen their motorcycling experience with like-minded Triumph riders, friends and families.

Specifically, we offer:

 •   Regular day trips throughout the season for riders of all abilities

•   Long and short weekends away

•   Longer breaks both in the UK and Europe

 •   Regular non - biking social events

 •   Dealer ride outs

Pack meetings take place at 8pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month at The Stonebridge Inn, Neville’s Cross Bank, Durham at 8pm. Day rides; social events etc. are discussed in a non-formal friendly atmosphere


Then email Pack Leader, Stu McCarthy at: - stuartbmccarthy@gmail.com giving your name, address, telephone number and details of your bike and we will add you to the mailing list.

The owner's clubs are supported by Triumph Newcastle, but they are proud to be promoted entirely independently and without prejudice.