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The Triumph Owners’ Motor Cycle Club (TOMCC) was founded in 1949 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts around South London. This soon grew into a major National One-Make Club catering for all owners of Triumph Motorcycles. Whether they be Pre-War (up until 1942), Classic (the Meriden Era), or Modern (the latest range of beauties designed in Hinckley), all are very welcome.

The Club is organised both on a National scale and on a local level through its many branches spread around the country. Each of the branches has its own local meetings where you can meet other Triumph Owners, complimenting the Nationally organised events.

Your local branch, TOMCC North East England, meets every third Tuesday 7pm at the Border Minstrel Public House, Gosforth Park (next to Newcastle Racecourse) and welcomes members from Hartlepool to Berwick, Alston to Whitley Bay and has a varied programme of events to suit most members – join via TOMCC.org or contact via – Facebook TOMCC NorthEastEngland@bestbritbike

Mark Lamb Chairman 43lambs@blueyonder.co.uk or
Memberships Secretary Dave Tate davetate48@aol.com

The club offers several benefits and services to its members – not least of these being the monthly magazine ‘Nacelle’ which contains useful hints and tips. There is a vehicle dating service for those people who wish to apply for original or age related registrations for their Triumph motor cycle (or special). The club also holds a vast pool of knowledge about Triumphs which is supplemented by the club’s library of machine manuals.

The Triumph Owners’ Motor Cycle Club is affiliated to both the B.M.F. and the A.C.U., which allows members views to be known through the club.

The Triumph Owners’ Motor Cycle Club is a completely independent, not-for-profit, organisation and is not linked to the Triumph Factory in any way.

To qualify to join the TOMCC as a full member you must (obviously) own a Triumph Motorcycle of some sort (or any motorcycle with a Triumph engine). However, it need not be roadworthy. Even if it’s at the start of a rebuild, as long as you have an engine – and the engine number – you can join! It needn’t be a Triumph production model either, Tritons and other specials are allowed into the club too. To apply for membership, visit our membership page and apply online or download the current membership form.

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The Hinckley Triumph Owners Club (HTOC) is exactly what is sounds – a members club for owners of Triumph motorcycles made during the Hinckley era, that is, since 1991.

The HTOC was founded in 2014 and is run entirely by volunteers on a completely non-profit basis.

We have been rapidly growing ever since with over 10,000 followers on our Facebook pages and over 2000 full members, spread all over the world. We have branches in Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.  Within the UK, the club is divided into 9 regions but this is just for ease of communications and to keep things local.

As with everything these days we have a comprehensive website and Facebook pages (both a main page and region specific pages).  We have a dedicated North East group page, and you are also welcome to join as many of the regions’ pages as you like, in addition to this we also have a dedicated ladies group page.

There is always a bit of craic on the various pages, where you can share a joke, photos, get advice and recommendations or even learn something you may have missed about Triumph.  We also have a Facebook page dedicated to the buying and selling of anything bike related.

In addition to joining the Facebook pages, we do offer full membership for those who want to take advantage of the many additional benefits that are available.  Full lifetime membership is only £25, although you can, if you wish, pay £10 each year to support clubs funds and get your ‘year patch’.  In return, we offer monthly meetings, we also run day rides around the region, which are held both on Saturdays and Sundays to give everyone a chance of attending.  Nationally, the club arranges weekend get-togethers, which are open to all members.

There is also a full range of quality merchandise available.  Details of this and full details and tickets for all of the events can be found on the website.

We’re very informal and really just a group of like-minded people who enjoy riding and prattling on about their bikes.  I know I sound biased but it is worth having a look at the Facebook page and website to see what we’re about. There’s no pressure and we hope to see you soon.

Visit HTOC website HTOC on Facebook