Triumph clothing technology explained



TriTech is a waterproof porous membrane that is laminated between the outer and lining fabrics so all 3 work together.

It offers durables waterproof protection balanced with high breathability, moving perspiration from the inside of the clothing to the outside and into the atmosphere.

The Evaporation process of moving perspiration from the inside of a garment to the outside results in water changing from a liquid to a gas.



Waterproof protection in extreme weather conditions.

Constructed using TriTech technology, these products are engineered for full waterproof protection.

The outer fabrics are designed to repel water from the surface and prevent water from entering.

Waterproof protection, heat sealed tape applied to the seams to prevent water leaking through.


CE approved

Our rider wear has been CE-certified, this means that the product has been tested to conform to the technical standards required by EU legislation to meet health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

An EU examination of the products has taken place by a European approved notified body and as such the product has been awarded CE certification.



Naturally Triumph take rider safety very seriously, which is why they’ve partnered with D3O to incorporate this high performance CE-certified impact protection into so many of our their exclusive motorcycle clothing designs.

D3O technology performs to the highest of industry standards and is suitable for all riders. It also enables Triumph to create a wide range of stylish gear without compromising comfort and flexibility.

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Affix Series

Affix series products are ergonomically designed to fit and attach to each other, allowing for inter changeable layering combinations which offers the wearer a variety of outer jacket and mid layer options to suit all riding conditions.