The Riders Association of Triumph

The Riders Association of Triumph

“The Rats” is a club that reflects the motorcycles we ride in that it accommodates riders of all makes of motorcycles, primarily Triumph but includes all other marques

In the Northeast, we have existed as a very active group since 2004 and there are about 60 active members on our mailing list. We offer members the opportunity to widen their motorcycling experience with like-minded riders.

Your wife, partner and friends are welcome to join you at our events.

Membership is free…but that doesn’t mean we don’t give you a lot

Specifically, we offer:

Informal “Pack” meetings take place as and when needed. Usually, but not exclusively at the Sand Dancer at South Shields. We can hold a meeting at your chosen venue if you want.

Then email Pack Leader, Stu McCarthy for further info by clicking here. Or send Stu your contact details and details of your bike/s and we will add you to the mailing list.

The owner’s clubs are supported by Triumph Newcastle, but they are proud to be promoted entirely independently and without prejudice.