Paint Protection Kit – Gloss (A9930381)

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Highly durable, puncture and gravel chip resistant paint protection film developed to protect paintwork, custom cut specifically to fit the urban sports models. When fitted, the film appears clear, ensuring the motorcycle looks as intended, even for motorcycles with a matt paint finish, an industry first! Used widely in Formula 1 & Moto GP, this paint protection film is designed to be installed easily and with perfect results. Triumph Paint Protection Kits include custom cut, self adhesive panels which protect the rider contact points from everyday wear, and the front of the tank from stone chips. The kits include all required installation tools and full instructions along with additional patches for application beneath the contact points for Triumph Magnetic Luggage. The film allows UV rays to permeate through, meaning the protected paintwork will age at the same rate as the rest of the motorcycle, avoiding any unsightly colour differences if the film is removed after time.


  • Street Triple R 2018 > 2019