Bar End Finisher


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This high-quality Triumph Bar End Finisher Kit Black A9630383 adds a visually appealing and modern touch to your bike. Crafted from durable turned aluminium and sold singularly, the kit is available in different colours to match your bar end mirror options. Guaranteed to fit snug and securely every time.



  • Bonneville Speedmaster AC1201>
  • Scrambler 1200 XC >AE9097
  • Speed Triple R 735337>
  • Speed Triple RS 867601 >
  • Speed Triple S 735438>867684
  • Speed Triple S 867685>
  • Speedmaster 2018 -> 2020
  • Street Scrambler >914447
  • Street Scrambler >AB9836
  • Street Scrambler 2017 -> 2020
  • Street Triple R 806646>982751
  • Street Triple RS
  • Street Triple RS 800262>965682
  • Street Twin >AB9714
  • Street Twin 2017 -> 2020