Stock availability and accuracy?

It’s a bit of a blog post, really.

We’re continuing to have some outages on stock, and delays with deliveries.

The parts, accessories and clothing stock availability on our website should be accurate, we don’t knowingly list anything which is unavailable.  However, our stock feed comes from two places: our own physical stock and Triumph’s physical stock too.

Both are updated every week and our successful pick rate is over 95%, but there are instances where we know we have problems which is causing deliveries to fail, namely:

  1. if stock is low, and the item sell before the next update, we may have problems getting replacements at the moment – neither is a live feed
  2. if single items have been brought in for workshop jobs, and are awaiting invoice, they will show in stock but not actually be available. For 99% of parts and accessories this creates no issues, but there are occasions when it causes a supply issue.

We’re working on solutions to both issues, in the meantime, if we are showing stock and nobody else is then consider sending an enquiry on the part before buying and we’ll confirm the stock position same working day.

Thanks for understanding