Gerbing 12V Splitter Cable

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The Gerbing Splitter Cable (also known as a short y-lead) is a simple two-into-one connection.

The Gerbing Splitter Cable is a simple two-into-one connection, which,when connected to the battery hook up can split the power from the battery into two. This is useful when carrying a pillion who is also using heated clothing. When introducing extra power through the battery cable, please ensure that the appropriate fuse is fitted.

The splitter can also be connected to our 12v jacket liner and, with a single temperature controller (which only controls one circuit), you can pair the jacket and gloves / trousers and socks to become one circuit, thus controlling the heat of the two clothing items without purchasing a Dual Temperature Controller. Please note that when joining the two jacket circuits together to use through a single controller, the gloves and/or accessories will all work at the same temperature as the jacket.

You are buying from a Gerbing Uk Stockist, so will receive a proper Gerbing warranty.

  • Internal Heating Wire - Lifetime
  • Manufacturing faults - 1 Year
  • Temperature controllers, Connector Plugs and Accessories - 3 Years
  • Batteries and Chargers - 90 Days
  • Accidental damage - Not Covered
  • Fair Wear & Tear - Not Covered