Opening hours and social distancing


New hours

  • Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm
  • Closing at 4pm Saturdays
  • Thursday 5-7pm by appointment

All other times by appointment

The days are slightly shorter to enable us to do a final prep and clean at the start of the day,  and again at the end.  Earlier still on a Saturday.

Maybe you still don’t want to visit?

No problem at all.

We have become well practised in digital sales over the past few months and can continue to sell and deliver bikes, parts, clothing and accessories or arrange finance without you ever having to visit the shop.  Just call us or email us and we’ll look after you.



Help us to stay open

  • Maximum in the shop at one time  6
  • Please visit in groups no bigger than  2
  • Wear a mask and keep it on

There are a number of sanitisers around the dealership and at the entrances. Please:

  • Sanitise your hands on the way in
  • Sanitise your hands before sitting on any bikes
  • Sanitise your hands before touching any clothing/helmets
  • Sanitise on your way out

We’re asking for a maximum of six in the shop, plus appointments, at any one time.  There’s plenty space in the shop, and keeping at least 2m apart shouldn’t be difficult at all.

We’re not putting somebody on the door or locking it, and ask instead that we all use a bit of common sense. If we can all remember to cancel an indicator or check over our shoulders, then we think we’ll be okay… If we’re busy, it would be appreciated if you can wait outside until there’s plenty room inside.

If we can’t manage it collectively then we guess we’ll have to review the options, but we don’t think it’ll be an issue 🙂



Service drop off and location

The service reception for Triumph is back in the Triumph dealership

Non-essential service and warranty work
We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand for the workshop for all those who would have normally had their bikes serviced in the last couple of months, and there’s a big recall going on with Brembo brake pads too – and we’re not quite back at full numbers in the workshop.

If demand is far greater than we can handle, we’ll be prioritising those customers who bought their bikes from us.  Those who bought elsewhere will of course be looked after, but can expect longer waiting times.


Keeping you and the team safe

If you’re on a bike, please leave your gloves and helmet on the table provided before you sanitise

We’ve increased the time dedicated to cleaning, and we’ll be regularly cleaning down door handles and all other surfaces that customers and staff come into contact with with antibacterial sprays, 70% IPA, antibacterial clothing sprays and other relevant sanitisers.

Bike controls and keys for both service, sales and test rides will be sanitised before being handed over and after we, or you, have finished with them.

We’ve created an internal risk assessment and new working practises document to make us Covid Secure.  We won’t mitigate for all of the risk, that’s impossible, but we have taken every precaution, and then a few more, to make the environment as safe for our customers and team as possible.  The only way to make it safer would be to remain closed…

If anybody wants to read our internal document then it’s available when you visit.




We’re fewer in number...

For economic, health and logistical reasons, we’ve re-opened with a smaller team to start.

Please bear with us, we’re trying…

Parts ordering

It would be helpful if parts order enquiries are done by email as much as possible.  We’ll try and turn then around the same day.


Email the parts team

Demonstration rides and social visits

We’re limiting the number of demo rides, you might have a little wait to get on the bike you’re interested on but we want to get you looked after as quickly as we can.  All demo rides are by appointment only for the foreseeable.

Social visits

Coffee machines are still off, for now.  We’re asking for limited social visits please until we have more staff back and infection rates are lower.


Toilets are closed, for now.  We do have them available if you really need to go – sainting the toilet will be easier than the alternative, but it’ll take somebody out of the showroom – and we’re already stretched.

thanks-Opening hours and social distancing

It's been tough, hasn't it

It’s been the strangest of times for everybody inside and outside of the business and biking community.

We’ve kept open the whole way through with a small team who have been brilliant in very tough circumstances.  Our customers have been brilliant too.

Thank you for your patience so far and all the messages of support we’ve had.  We’ll need you to be patient with us for a bit longer as we re-open and figure out the best way of doing everything.

It’s going to be different for a while, but whatever attracted us all to bikes in the first place is the glue that keeps us all together – and we’re seriously grateful for your support and understanding.

Thank you 🙂