Learn to Ride a Motorbike

Learn to ride for £199

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Thinking about learning to ride?

You really should…

There’s a lot to love about riding a motorbike.  For most of us, the sense of freedom you get is unrivalled.  A reborn excitement in getting out and exploring; or escaping on a Saturday morning to your favourite coffee shop or view point.

Whatever you plan to do on a bike, and wherever you go, there’s nothing comes close to getting there on a bike.

Let’s make this easy, then…

Buy any new Triumph from us, and we’ll take you from absolute beginner to passing your test for £199.


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£199: what's included?

We’ll take you from no experience to qualified for £199.  We get you there by including:

  • A CBT course, if you need one
  • 12 hours of instruction in our own school
  • 2 hours of follow up post test on your own bike, if you want it, once you’ve passed your test

There are two test fees, currently £15.50 and £75 you need to pay the DVSA, as well as a Motorcycle Theory test fee if you need one – currently £23 – and that’s it.

If you need more time than 12 hours, we’ll do any extra two hour sessions at £40 each.  Most people get through in about 12 hours though, so you shouldn’t need it.

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